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Alexandre BENOIS

St Petersburg, Russia 1870 – Paris, France 1960


  • to Paris, France 1926


commenced 1911 – 1929

producer (organisation)



Costume for a spirit of the hours [genie des heures] c.1909
Collection Title: the Ballets Russes' production of Le Pavillon d'Armide [Armida's Pavilion]
Creation Notes: First performed 19th May, 1909, Théâtre du Chatelet, Paris
Materials & Technique: costume and dress, costumes, jacket: cotton, metallic fabric and braid, linen, aluminium paint, gelatine, wood; tunic: cotton, silk, metallic fabric, metal thread, paint (silver), gelatine (?) sequins, metal sequins; trunks: cotton, elastic

Primary Insc: Diaghilev Ballet stamp and oringal labels Jacket: c.b., black ink inscribed on white tape, 'Pavillon d'Armide/Genie des heures'; c.b. sewn on top, a second white tape label, pencil, 'archv--' ?; c.b. black ink inscribed on white tape, 'Gairel'; l.back, German customs stamp; c.b. purple ink inscribed in Russian script ' Cher...'; r side on lining in pencil in Russian script ' CHERNOBAIEVA'.
Secondary Insc: Jacket:On white tape in black ink, PAVILLON d'ARMIDE/Genie des heures. Sewn on top, a second white label, pencil, archv [illeg]. In black ink on white tape, GAIREL. Purple ink in Russian script CHER [illeg]. Right side on lining in pencil in Russian script CHERNOBAIEVA tunic: In black ink hand written on cotton tape inside centre front - 'Pavillon d' Armide, Genie des Heures'. On separate cotton tape handwritten in black ink inside centre front - 'Lizie'. Hand written on lining inside centre front - 'Maruarn'. Illegible pencil inscription on lining inside centre front. Purple ink stamp inside centre front - 'Direktion des Russischen Ballets, Sergisi von Diaghilews'. Trunks: Black ink on white tape, Pavillon d'Armide/Genie des heures. Left back, at waist, red embroidered T.R.
Tertiary Insc: Jacket: Left back, German customs stamp.
Acknowledgement: Purchased 1973
Accession No: NGA 73.270.19.A-C
Subject: Theatre arts, International Ballet
Image rights: © Alexandre Benois/ADAGP. Licensed by Viscopy