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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia born 1941

Speckled pinnacle 2001 Tanja, New South Wales, Australia
ceramics, earthenware, blackfired earthenware with terra sigillata
Technique: blackfired earthenware with terra sigillata
103.0 h x 22.0 w x 13.0 d cm
Purchased 2001
Accession No: NGA 2001.195


  • Alan Watt has drawn upon violent human interventions into the landscape such as clearing, mining, road con-struction and erosion and expresses in his ceramics the raw beauty of the earth as it is revealed through these processes. His abstractions of these interventions and transformations have assumed sentinel-like proportions, with sharply cut surfaces reflecting light through rich and elusive iridescent surfaces. This com-manding work is a development of these themes and illustrates Watt’s innate understanding of the processes that transform clay to ceramic and that are in turn metaphors for the industrialisation of nature.

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