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United States of America born 1951

Red tape 1975 Description: Collected works Playing soul music to my freckles 1975 (colour, sound, 2:46 mins) | 2. A non-dairy creamer 1975 (colour, sound, 5:19 mins) | 3. The semi-circular canals 1975 (colour, sound, 8:51 mins) | 4. Collected works: A million other things (2) 1975 (colour, sound, 4:35 mins) and 5. Return 1975 (colour, sound, 7:15 mins)
Title Notes: Master tape. Not to be used. Display copies for exhibition and study purposes are IRNs 149343 and 149344. If required for loan, the status must be checked.
Materials & Technique: audiovisual, multimedia, video (colour, mono sound, 30 minutes) Support: Digital Betacam (PAL format) video cassette
Place Published: Co-Producers: ZBS Media, Ft. Edward NY; Inter-Media Art Center

Dimensions: Duration 30.00 h minutes
Acknowledgement: Purchased 1995
Accession No: NGA 80.4751