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Pintupi people

Australia 1948 /1952 – 2009

Untitled 2007 Place made: Papunya, Western Desert, Northern Territory, Australia
Materials & Technique: paintings, synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Dimensions: 183 h x 244 w cm framed (overall) 1838 h x 2445 w x 45 d mm
Acknowledgement: Purchased 2007
Accession No: NGA 2007.198
Image rights: © Doreen Reid Nakamarra / Papunya Tula Artists / Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd

Doreen Reid Nakamarra’s early works were influenced by her late husband, George ‘Tjampu’ Tjapaltjarri (c 1945–2005), who also worked in a minimalist, dichromatic, optical style. Over time she developed a comfortable rhythm in her paintings, from her early works which typically depicted women’s stories to her later exploration of intricate, detailed lines, and a subtle use of tonal variation and alternately coloured dots to create an undulating effect on the canvas. These later works appear to shimmer, much like the sandhills of the desert in the heat of the day, and are occasionally exhibited on the floor, giving a topographical view of country. Untitled is mesmerising—the optical force of the fine, repetitive zigzag lines is expertly executed on canvas. As Nakamarra describes:

The lines in the painting represent the surrounding tali (sand hills) in the area around Wirrulnga. A group of ancestral women once gathered at this site to perform the dance and sing the songs associated with the area. Wirrulnga is known as a traditional birthing site for the women of the area, and while the women were at Wirrulnga a woman of the Napaltjarri kinship [group] gave birth to a son who was a Tjupurrula. While at Wirrulnga the women also gathered the edible berries known as kampurarrpa or desert raisin ... These berries can be eaten straight from the bush but are sometimes ground into a paste and cooked in the coals to form a type of damper.[1]

Tina Baum

[1] Doreen Reid Nakamarra, 2007.

Text © National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 2010
From: Franchesca Cubillo and Wally Caruana (eds) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: collection highlights National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 2010

纳卡马拉·多林·雷德 (NAKAMARRA, Doreen Reid)
183.00(高) x 244.00(宽)厘米

纳卡马拉·多林·雷德的早期作品受亡夫的影响,其丈夫生前是乔治·‘简普’·加帕加瑞(George ‘Tjampu’ Tjapaltjarri)(约1945-2005),也是极简抽象艺术、两色和光学派艺术家。随着时间的推移,她的作品形成了一种舒适的节奏,典型的早期作品描绘妇女故事,到后来,她探索复杂精细的线条,巧妙使用色调变化和交替色点,以在帆布上营造出起伏效果。这些晚期作品似乎散发出光芒,就像烈日下沙漠中的沙丘,画作偶尔在地板上展出,呈现出部落地形地貌。


Tina Baum

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