Singleton, New South Wales, Australia born 1959

  • Has lived for periods in USA, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, UK

A Trident mega noodle cup, spare rib flavour drowning Emphysema, the mouth scalding breathlessness his own mundane. The flies stick now more than usual with the stagnant flow and floating slime. The river is in the view from the house for any eyes. Perhaps it would seem more meaningful had Jewboy expressed anything artistic, but rather he wanted nothing. The fulfilling envious gold cup of nothing. The unmarked grave is in view, 27 feet outside the later west boundary fence of the cemetery. The fiver is in view from the cemetery of any eyes - 'don't you know that not even the hair on your head is your own?' 2009 Place made: New South Wales, Australia
Materials & Technique: paintings, polyurethane with dyes and pigment on linen Support: linen canvas

Dimensions: painting 300.0 h x 260.0 w cm
Acknowledgement: The Dale Frank Gift 2014
Accession No: NGA 2014.18