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Ying LAN

China 1585 – 1669

Escaping summer's heat in the Jiucheng palace [Escaping summer's heat in the Chin-ch'eng palace (Jiucheng)] 1633 Place made: China
Materials & Technique: drawings, ink, colours, gold, silk; hanging scroll

Primary Insc: Seals: "Lan Ying zhi-yin" and "Tian-shu"; dated in accordance 1632 (Chinese cyclical date from inscription) which corresponds with February 7, 1633, Western calendar. Inscribed by Lan Ying "The Cloud Demon General (Li Ssu-Hsun) painted the "Escaping Summer's heat in the Chin ch'eng Palace." The unofficial scholar of West Lake, Lan Ying, followed his model on New
Dimensions: 297.5 h x 99.0 w cm 358.0 h x 129.0 w cm
Acknowledgement: Purchased 1986
Accession No: NGA 86.694.A-D
  • The supplied chain of ownership for this object is being reviewed and further research is underway. The provenance information listed has been substantiated by documentation. Details may be refined and updated as research progresses. (added 2016)
  • brought from China to Japan, late 17th century (details to be confirmed)
  • in the collection of Lord Matsudaira of Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan (to be confirmed)
  • owned by Tomioka Tessai, Japan, from the late 19th or early 20th century until 1924 or before
  • with art dealer Klaus F Naumann, Tokyo, 1986 or before
  • who sold it to the Australian National Gallery, Canberra, February 1986