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Freddie TIMMS

Gija/Kija people

Australia born 1944 – 2017

Blackfella whitefella 1999 Place made: Warmun (Turkey Creek), Kimberley, Western Australia, Australia
Materials & Technique: paintings, synthetic polymer paint and natural earth pigments on canvas

Dimensions: 122.0 h x 135.0 w cm
Acknowledgement: Purchased 1999
Accession No: NGA 99.155
Subject: Aboriginal Australians

Freddie Timms was born at Ngarrmaliny (Police Hole), Bedford Downs in the east Kimberley region. Also known as Ngarrmaliny Janama (Raging Bull) he, like so many of his contemporaries, worked as a cattle stockman before moving to Warmun at Turkey Creek in 1985 with his family. It was when he was in his forties that Timms began painting for the public domain, although previously he had painted boards used in Kurirr Kurirr ceremonies. He was trained as a painter by his father-in-law George Mung Mung (c 1920–1991) and Jack Britten.

Timms’s paintings reveal aspects of his country, usually taking a topographical perspective, within which he comments on social, political and environmental changes since colonisation as he perceives them. Issues of exploitation, alcohol abuse and violence are subjects Timms confronts in his work. What sets him apart from his contemporaries as an Aboriginal artist is that he does not usually explore ancestral narratives in his work.

Blackfella whitefella 1999 shows Timms’s perception of Australia’s political and social hierarchy. Against a black textured background, from top to bottom four different shapes represent firstly the dominant white culture, then Asian culture, African and, at the bottom, the Australian Aboriginal—inequality based on race.

Tina Baum

Text © National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 2010
From: Franchesca Cubillo and Wally Caruana (eds) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: collection highlights National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 2010

弗雷迪·蒂姆斯 (Freddie TIMMS)
《白伙计黑伙计》(Blackfella whitefella)
122.0(高) x 135.0(宽) 厘米
收录号:NGA 99.155

弗雷迪·蒂姆斯出生于东金伯利地区贝德福德平原(Bedford Downs)的加尔马里尼(Ngarrmaliny )(警穴[Police Hole])。他还以加尔马里尼加纳玛(Ngarrmaliny Janama)(愤怒的公牛)而著称,像他众多的同时代人一样,1985年随同家人迁往土耳其溪的沃尔芒之前,他当过牧牛人。四十多岁的时候蒂姆斯才开始为大众作画,尽管之前他在库瑞尔库瑞尔仪式用板上画过画。他的岳父乔治·蒙蒙(George Mung Mung)(约1920-1991)和杰克·布里顿(Jack Britten)把他培养成为画家。


创作于1999年的《白伙计黑伙计》(Blackfella whitefella)表现了蒂姆斯对澳大利亚政治与社会等级的理解。在黑色质地背景映衬下,画面自上而下有四个不同形状,依次代表起主导地位的白人文化、亚洲文化、非洲文化和最底层的澳洲土著文化——基于种族的不平等。

Tina Baum

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